McGinest’s advice to Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘Prepare, prepare, prepare’

McGinest’s advice to Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘Prepare, prepare, prepare’

Former New England Patriots great Willie McGinest penned some advice for Pats quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo as he prepares to take on the responsibility of keeping the team’s ship afloat for the first four games of the 2016 season.

Make no mistake, Tom Brady will be starting Week 5 regardless of the Patriots’ record at the point, and this is one hell of an audition opportunity for Garoppolo.

Excerpts from McGinest’s take:

” 1) Prepare, prepare, prepare. Any great quarterback — any great player, for that matter — will say success begins in the classroom. Since coming off the board as a second-round pick in 2014, Jimmy has been learning behind one of the best to ever play this game — an ideal situation for any young quarterback. He’s had two full seasons to learn the playbook, so he should be well-prepared heading into this season.

2) Take a leadership role on the field. Without question, it’s tough to manage and lead a locker room that belongs to the face of a franchise and a guy who is still around. However, Jimmy must be confident in his play and trust his preparation. Approaching every day with a This is MY team type of mindset, along with producing on the field, will help him earn respect… ” read the rest >