Giants front office not giving up on Victor Cruz

Giants front office not giving up on Victor Cruz

Missed practices have unfortunately become the norm ever since New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz injured his patellar tendon in 2014.

Fast forward to the present and Cruz is hampered by a lingering groin issue that has been keeping him out of practice. Many fans are growing impatient and resigned to the fact that Cruz will be nothing but a memory of what could have been for the team, but the front office hasn’t reached that point.

“We’re still not giving up on Cruz,” GM Jerry Reese said Monday on WFAN, per the New York Daily News. “Hopefully, he’ll make it back.”

Freshman head coach Ben McAdoo added: “Victor and I had a nice conversation yesterday afternoon, and we talked about some different things that may be able to help … I’ll let him share that, I’m not gonna share that… I’ll keep our conversation private.

“It was just a conversation between two men,” he said. “I’m gonna leave it private and if Victor wants to address it he can address it. I support Victor 100%.”