James Harrison wants ‘that crook’ to interview him live on TV

James Harrison wants ‘that crook’ to interview him live on TV

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is not playing around. He doesn’t trust commissioner Roger Goodell when it comes to granting him a fair interview regarding his name mentioned in the Al Jazeera investigation into PEDs in football.

So Harrison’s idea? Broadcast it live for the world to see.

“If it goes to a conduct detrimental [situation] it goes to the hands of that crook, I mean Roger Goodell, [and] he can do whatever he wants,” Harrison said of to his requirement to be interviewed by the league or face suspension. “That’s just the bargaining agreement that the players signed.”

“Whatever evidence they think they have, or reason for questioning me, is out of my control,” he said. “I really don’t know… I wouldn’t have a problem with it being filmed live. I’ve been prosecuted and persecuted, you know, publicly in the media by them for something I didn’t do. So I don’t see why we couldn’t have the media there and do a live interview. They can ask whatever questions they want and I can answer them.

“You all can see whatever evidence they say they got.”