Raiders feel good about young receiver corps: ‘We’re going to hold it down’

Raiders feel good about young receiver corps: ‘We’re going to hold it down’

The Oakland Raiders have been working towards the rebirth of the storied franchise, and one of the trademarks of those classic teams were the powerful passing attack they possessed.
After falling stagnant for about 10 seasons, this preseason has shown more than signs of life, it may be more of a warning sign to opposing defenses.

“I think we all have certain types of qualities that benefit each other,” wide receiver Andre Holmes said, via

“We all can do multiple things. All of us can block. All of us can run routes. All of us can do everything, so it’s a good group.”

“We’re all different,” said pass catcher Seth Roberts.

“I feel like every guy has a strength that one person doesn’t have, but we feed off of each other. It’s kind of like if I were to see ‘Crab’ do something, or if I was to see ‘Coop’ do something, it’s like, alright 10 let’s go. It’s motivation, and even if things aren’t going right; there have been a couple of times when Coop has looked at me, and said, ‘let’s go,’ and you need that, and vice versa. I do the same thing to him. I feel like we feed off each other. We’re going to protect each other, and we’re going to hold it down.”

“Like I keep saying, it’s in the sky what can happen, man,” said Roberts. “People have their say so of this and that, but we control what we can control. The sky isn’t the limit. We can go past the sky. We’re trying to just make it happen.”