Tom Brady: ‘Jimmy did everything he was asked to’

Tom Brady: ‘Jimmy did everything he was asked to’

Watching from far away as he’s not allowed anywhere near the team during his 4-game suspension, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was pretty happy with what he saw of interim QB Jimmy Garoppolo and the whole team in general.

The Patriots fought a hard on-the-road battle against the favorite Arizona to pull off a satisfying 23-21 victory on Sunday night.

“It was a great night for him and for our whole offense,” Brady told Westwood One’s Jim Gray about Garoppolo’s performance. “Jimmy did everything he was asked to. It was a great way to start the season for our team.”

“It was a great game to watch,” Brady added. “It’s a tough environment to play in. The team went in there and looked like they were focused and prepared. They played so well in so many areas. It was great to see the offense get off to a great start, it was a great first drive — lot of great plays by Jimmy, by the skill players; the offensive line did a great job. To get up 10-0 like that was huge, on the road. I think that was a great way to start the game for our team.”

On being away from the team and forced to watch on television like the rest fo us:

“Football is great to watch on TV,” he said. “You get so many different angles and replays and you don’€™t get those things when you’re playing … It’s a great way to watch how a lot of the flows of the games are going. You see a lot of situations. There’s a lot to learn each week in the NFL.”