Steelers defense looking to ‘beat up’ Eagles’ Wentz

Steelers defense looking to ‘beat up’ Eagles’ Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz is certainly impressing right out of the gate, but with all the hoopla surrounding a young QB also comes with a big target on his jersey.

Up next for the rookie is the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, ready to give Wentz some different looks and bring him back down to earth.

“You definitely want to beat him up,” linebacker Arthur Moats said of facing the rookie quarterback, per the Pittsburgh Tribune. “You want to hit him, but at the same time, when you confuse him with different looks, he’s worried about getting hit and he’s also trying to figure out where the coverage is, things like ‘Who’s my hot receiver?

“Even our basic look can come off as exotic. To a rookie quarterback, that can be the difference between him making a completion or throwing an interception.”

Defensive coordinator Keith Butler: “When I try to game plan for an offense, I don’t take into account that he’s a rookie,” Butler said. “I take into account who I’ve got to stop, what they’re doing well and things that might give us problems and look at how we can alleviate them.”