John Madden says Jack Del Rio ‘one of the best’ coaches in NFL

John Madden says Jack Del Rio ‘one of the best’ coaches in NFL

As the Oakland Raiders continue their rise back to prominence, former coach and Hall of Famer John Madden is impressed with the job done by current coach Jack Del Rio.

“The team just needed a man. They needed an adult running them. They had the young guys, the new guys, the inexperienced guys, and that didn’t work. When Jack Del Rio walks into a room, a man just walked in the room,” Madden said, via The Mercury News.

“That’s going to affect the players, and the Raiders needed that at that time. Like, ‘Whose team?’ It’s his team. He’s the head coach. You don’t ask the question, ‘Who’s running this thing? Who’s doing this, who’s doing that?’

“Whether he’s the best coach in football or one of the best, whatever he is, he’s a tough guy and he commands a room and the players know who’s the boss, and they don’t question that. That’s a big part of his success.”them.”

“I was hearing about Jack Del Rio when he was in grammar school. Then when he was in high school, I said, ‘Well we’ll see.’ Then he goes to USC and is playing linebacker and he’s playing catcher on the baseball team, and SC has a great baseball team. So that’s when I knew he was for real. Of course, I saw him over the years as a player and then a coach at Jacksonville. He’s a local guy. I’ve known about Jack Del Rio his whole life.”