Inconsistency at QB position has Bradford trade looking not so good

Inconsistency at QB position has Bradford trade looking not so good

The Minnesota Vikings are reeling and one of the main concerns is quarterback Sam Bradford, who is struggling after starting strong since coming to the team at the start of the season.

They believed they had found an answer when starter Teddy Bridgwater went down with a knee injury, shelling out a first round pick to acquire him.

However, as of late, it seems that they could have pulled someone from the scarp pile to do the job he’s doing right now.

According to Bill Barnwell of ESPN, what seemed like a good move early, is giving way to buyer’s remorse.

Barnwell writes:

‘The Vikings’ loss Thursday came after a backbreaking interception from Bradford, who has mostly avoided picks this season. It was only his third interception of the year, but it came in a game where his defense had held the Lions to 13 points with Bradford doing little to hold the lead or add to the offensive ledger. He finished the game 31-for-37, but those throws generated just 224 yards, with 119 of those yards — more than 50 percent — coming after the catch. His average pass traveled just 3.4 yards in the air on Thursday, which is the second-lowest average distance for a starting quarterback in a single game all season. Coincidentally, the guy in first was Bradford’s opposite number on Thanksgiving, Matthew Stafford, who averaged a scarcely believable 2.8 air yards per pass in Week 5 against the Eagles. There’s a difference between the two: Stafford was being pressured on nearly 40 percent of his dropbacks in that game and posted a 65.7 QBR. Bradford was pressured on only 5.4 percent of his dropbacks Thursday, the second-lowest pressure rate for any passer in a single game all season. He managed only a 30.7 QBR.’