Raiders Derek Carr’s ‘intangibles’ turning him into a rising star

Raiders Derek Carr’s ‘intangibles’ turning him into a rising star

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has already done the hard part, getting his team that hasn’t even been in sniffing distance of the postseason, a virtual lock to see them this year.

However, despite his pedigree (his Brother David was the Houston Texans first overall in the 2002 NFL Draft), there is much more than meets the eye with him.

“What really hasn’t been said about Carr … is his intangibles,” ESPN analyst Jon Gruden said, via ESPN.

“He’s such an upbeat, great kid. He’s got so much passion and energy and leadership. He’s fun to be around. He laughs; he works it. He’s a superstar, and he deserves a lot of credit. I’m glad he’s getting the national television play.”

“As Coach [Jack] Del Rio says, ‘You have to expect great things.’ You have to expect it. And then, if you expect it, when it happens it’s normal. So, that’s everybody on this team. Everybody expects great things, and so when good things come our way, we know how to be humble and accept those things.”