Bruce Arians rips some Cardinals veterans’ ‘selfishness’

Bruce Arians rips some Cardinals veterans’ ‘selfishness’

With the Arizona Cardinals currently sporting a 4-6-1 record, there’s plenty of blame to be tossed around…

… and head coach Bruce Arians isn’t shying away from criticizing some of his players, especially a few unnamed veterans who have allowed “selfishness” to slowly creep in during the so far mediocre season.

When asked about certain players not doing their job, Arians feels it’s time to ask some other players to step up if the one’s he’s counted on can’t:

“I’m very surprised,” Arians said, via Arizona Sports 98.7FM. “We’ve been talking about it for four weeks and the veterans obviously haven’t done anything about it, so maybe young guys will step up and make the opportunity they need.”

“Biggest thing is to catch the ball. Me, personally, I don’t think there is anything, because we’ve been in position – after reviewing it, you always start with the coaching. Why we weren’t as physical as I thought we should’ve been is a question, because we did not hit last week, but we need to be more physical. The penalties, they are what they are. A.Q. Shipley got a huge holding penalty when he could’ve just blocked the guy. Just block him; you don’t throw him on the ground. That’s an 18-yard run and we are off and running again, and those are the kind of silly mistakes we have to stop.”