Packers looking to increase turnovers against Texans

Packers looking to increase turnovers against Texans

The Green Bay Packers haven’t been taking the ball away from the competition much as of late, but this week they will put a focus on turning over the ball.

“We’re going to get in the colder weather, which makes it more difficult to secure the ball,” Former Packers’ director of research and development Mike Eayrs said, via Packers News

“The ball gets slipperier when the temperature drops.

“A team like Houston coming up here, an indoor team coming outdoors, there might be a whole bunch of opportunities in that game.”

“Twenty-one percent of fumbles occur when another player has secured the ball and it’s the second or third player to the ball,” Eayrs said. “Twenty-seven percent occur on execution errors by the offensive and special teams when the opponent has no role in the fumble.”