Richard Sherman hates Thursday Night Football: ‘Poopfest. It’s terrible’

Richard Sherman hates Thursday Night Football: ‘Poopfest. It’s terrible’

The NFL’s decision to keep scheduling games on Thursday night despite a growing number of players voicing their displeasure has Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman scratching his head.

Poopfest. It’s terrible,” Sherman said, per ESPN. “We got home like 1 o’clock in the morning, something like that on Monday and then you’ve got to play again. Congratulations, NFL, you did it again. But they’ve been doing it all season, so I guess we’re the last ones to get the middle finger.”

While Sherman has many issues with the current state of the NFL, Thursday nights rank in his top five.

“Because it’s just no regard,” he said. “It’s hypocritical, as I’ve stated before. They make this huge stance about player safety. Then you put the players in tremendous danger.

“We’ll be well-aware come the next CBA negotiations about things like this. There’s really not much you can do right now. It’s part of the revenue, etc., etc. And the league probably has something else up their sleeve. They might have a Friday night game planned. Who knows?”