Sam Bradford bringing back deep passing game for Vikings

Sam Bradford bringing back deep passing game for Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings in the past have lacked a consistent deep passing attack, but with Sam Bradford’s skill set, the offense is starting to look a little different.

“With Sam Bradford, his accuracy, his ability to hold the free safety or manipulate the free safety, you should have opportunities every week to throw vertical passes,” via ESPN.

“But it has to start up front. If you keep your quarterback clean, you’ve got a chance to make plays.”

“Unless the linebacker makes a check, you’ve already told Sam Bradford you’re coming,” Bowen said.
“The center can identify it, the running back knows the gap [he’s] got to pick up, the blitzer [he’s] got to pick up. Asiata does a great job. This is big-boy football, now. This stuff hurts. You just have to plant your feet in the ground, get good bend in your knees and deliver a blow. That makes the play.”

“If you take a straight release off the line of scrimmage and give that defensive back your chest, he’s going to jam you right there, and now that route’s done,” Bowen said. “What he does there is, he forces Amukamara to open his hips. Now, because he can’t get the jam, the corner’s got to open and run. You see down the field, there’s a lot of contact here. He pushes, he gives a little shove; I know what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to put the wide receiver into the boundary. This is a great example of body control, physicality and toughness from Thielen, to work through that contact and stack back on top [of the corner].”