Mike McCarthy finding new ways to expand offense

Mike McCarthy finding new ways to expand offense

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy had some challenges during the season jump starting the offense; however, with the unit showing signs of life, he’s continuing his quest to improve scoring.

“We’ve always been on the high side of creativity and I think that’s important to stay on the front side of the curve, and that’s no different down the stretch,” McCarthy said, via Packers News.

“But yes, you have to watch it.

“There’s really good plays that are thrown out every week. We had a quarterback meeting this morning; we threw out five plays and two of them were ones I put in. Still sick about it.

“But that’s the way it goes because I’ve learned a long time ago, if everybody in the room – most importantly the quarterback – is not totally comfortable with it, then you’re sitting there on Monday after the game saying, ‘You know that really wasn’t quite right.’ You have to push the envelope, but at the end of the day it’s got to fit.”