Pete Carroll says Jimmy Graham ‘feels great’ and ‘pumped up’ for offseason program

Pete Carroll says Jimmy Graham ‘feels great’ and ‘pumped up’ for offseason program

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that the team’s top tight end Jimmy Graham is ready and excited about participating in the club’s offseason program.

After a knee injury knocked him out of the 2016 offseason, the athletic pass catcher now can start building on 2017.

“It’s really one of the beautiful things that’s happening this offseason, is that Jimmy has a chance to work out and get better,” Carroll said, via ESPN.

“Last year, he was just rehabbing. If you can imagine at this time last year, he was looking at that scar and wondering if he’s ever going to be able to run again. He barely made it back to camp, then barely made it into the season, then had a marvelous season under all of those circumstances. Under any normal circumstances, he had a marvelous season.”

“In communicating with him, he feels great,” Carroll said. “He’s thrilled about the chance to work out. He’s going to be working with Russell wherever they get together and do their thing. They’re looking forward to that. They didn’t have the chance to do that last year. He couldn’t run. He couldn’t work out. And the amazing thing is that he had such a good season under those circumstances, so we’re really looking forward to what comes up, and I know he is, too. Everybody’s pumped up about it.”