‘Dream scenario’ for Browns: No. 12 pick for Jimmy Garoppolo

‘Dream scenario’ for Browns: No. 12 pick for Jimmy Garoppolo

The Cleveland Browns have two highly-coveted 1st-round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft – the first and twelfth overall. One of those will be a quarterback, and most likely it will be at 12. They’re reportedly very impressed with defensive end Myles Garrett at their first pick.

But when it comes to 12, they may not draft at all, preferring to wheel and deal for Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, according to Mary Kay Cabot for the Plain Dealer.

The buzz coming out of Cleveland is getting Garrett and Garoppolo would be their “dream scenario.”

Cabot: ‘After so many first-round failures, the Browns know they need to nail the No. 1 overall pick, and the Texas A&M pass-rusher is widely-regarded as the premier player in this draft. Most personnel executives regard him as a franchise-changer, although one told me he “has a chance to bust. His effort was very inconsistent this year.”

Despite a report by ESPN that the Patriots won’t trade Jimmy Garoppolo, I’m told that nothing has changed and that teams — including the Browns — will still try to land him. One source told me he believes it might take as much as a No. 1 this year and No. 1 next year — which I’m sure the Browns won’t be willing to do.

But if New England will accept their No. 12 overall pick and maybe another later selection, I think the Browns would strongly consider that. ‘