Could Darrelle Revis return to New England on the cheap?

Could Darrelle Revis return to New England on the cheap?

The latest news being floated around by many fans and observers is the possibility that the New England Patriots could look to sign cornerback Darrelle Revis to an affordable deal.

Revis, currently and literally an island without a team, may be ripe for the taking. In 2014, after collecting a Super Bowl ring, he left New England for the the Jets when Bill Belichick felt he just wasn’t worth the money he wanted. Belichick’s decision was the correct one, and Revis became a pretty glaring bust for New York’s front office.

Fast forward to now, and Revis could very well wind up a Patriot again, especially during a time when CB Malcolm Butler may be traded any day now.

The question is – Will Revis accept a small deal to show he still has some left in the tank?

The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin: ‘Don’t discount the return of Darrelle Revis, now a free agent after being released by the Jets. One league executive said the Patriots “are the only team that makes sense” to sign Revis, as not many teams have a need for an expensive, aging cornerback with questionable work ethic. But Belichick could get the most out of Revis and find a way to use him — maybe not as a starting cornerback, but certainly as a depth piece at corner or strong safety.’