Alshon Jeffery: ‘I NEVER sought advice from media’ before signing with Eagles

Alshon Jeffery: ‘I NEVER sought advice from media’ before signing with Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery is denying reports that he called up ESPN’s Adam Schefter to ask his advice on signing a contract with a new team.

And he may be vindicated, because if the report of him making the call are true, he didn’t technically ask anybody for advice, just for information.

According to MMQB’s Tim Rohan, who mirrored Schefter on the busy first day of free agency, he witnessed Adam take a call from Jeffery:

” In the middle of Schefter’s flurry of calls, Alshon Jeffery rings him, wanting to know how much money the other free-agent receivers are making. Players sometimes contact Schefter with questions like this because he likely has that information even if he hasn’t reported it, as is the case here. Indeed, as they talk Schefter receives a text saying that Torrey Smith will be signing with the Eagles.

Schefter goes through the contract numbers on Smith, Jackson and Pierre Garcon, slowly, so Jeffery can apparently write them down. “It’s all about the guarantee, Alshon,” Schefter says. “It’s all about the guarantee … Your average per year could be $100 million. It doesn’t matter. If they’re going to guarantee you the majority of the contract, that’s what you want.”

Schefter asks where Jeffery is going. Jeffery doesn’t have an answer yet. Schefter asks that Jeffery notify him when he does make a decision and leaves the conversation at that. “

As the news spread, Jeffery took to Twitter Thursday night to deny the story: