Victor Cruz ‘anxious to play some football’

Victor Cruz ‘anxious to play some football’

Current free agent wide receiver Victor Cruz was once the NFL’s newest star receiver, bursting on the scene as a relative unknown from UMASS with stellar 2011/2012 seasons for the New York Giants.

Then the injuries came, and so did his stature on the team – his star WR status eventually replaced by one Odell Beckham Jr.

Now Cruz finds himself a man without a team after being released by the Giants in February.

Cruz told the New York Post he has no plans on retiring and looks forward to his next, whoever that may be.

I just want to play,” Cruz told the paper. “I’m just anxious to get on a team, anxious to play some football to see where I end up. …

“I’m just anxious to see someone that wants me on their team and I end up being there. It’s my first time being in this position, it’s my first time being in free agency. After being on a team for seven years, you never know what to expect. I’m just excited for this opportunity, excited to be ready, and see where I end up.”