Seahawks’ Bennett vows to ‘boycott’ Seattle Times

Seahawks’ Bennett vows to ‘boycott’ Seattle Times

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett doesn’t like what has been written about him by the Seattle Times’ Matt Calkins.

So he’s threatening to “boycott” the entire paper during the 2017 season.

Sounds logical and fair….

Per Pro Football Talk, “Calkins wrote a column calling Bennett “as direct and as fearless as they come” in regards to both his play on the field his commitment to issues and causes he believes in off of it. Calkins also criticized Bennett for bouts of “immaturity” when dealing with the media and closes the column by writing that he loves Bennett’s message but “sometimes, I wonder about the messenger.” “

So Bennett takes to Twitter to kick off the boycott. Not sure if he’s fully serious though…