Training camp cut watch: RB Jamaal Charles

Training camp cut watch: RB Jamaal Charles comprised its list of 13 potential surprise training camp casualties, including Denver Broncos RB Jamaal Charles, falling in at No. 3 on the list:

‘One of most unappreciated players of his era, Charles has a sneaky foundation to build a legit Hall of Fame case around. He’s also at a career crossroads. Two lost seasons in a row left Charles released by the Chiefs and greeted in free agency with nothing better than a one-year contract with zero guarantees included.

The contract says the Broncos don’t know if Charles can still play, because no one knows if Charles can still play. Everything is on the table here. It won’t be shocking if Charles turns Denver’s deal into the bargain of the offseason, because he’s a legend, and that’s the type of thing legends do. It also won’t be surprising if Charles’ knees, which prevented him from working in team drills this offseason, cut short a career with brilliant peaks.’