Rhythm issues: Packers kicker making excuses for missed kicks

Rhythm issues: Packers kicker making excuses for missed kicks

This likely isn’t to going to go well with fans (or teammates for that matter) – everyone pretty much likes to see a no-excuses approach when a player is at fault – something along the lines of “it’s all of me, I’ve got to get better,” yada yada yada…

But that’s not quite what Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby is saying for his two missed extra points last Sunday against Dallas.

“Rhythm issues” is the phrase Crosby would like to relay regarding the kicks, ever so throwing rookie long snapper Taybor Pepp, who had already copped to his faults, under the bus…

“I can’t snap it, I can’t hold it, so I always look at myself first and evaluate what I can do better,” Crosby said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We just had a couple of rhythm issues in the game with the timing and some of the laces and stuff.

“Unfortunately, it popped up there and I wasn’t able to knock them through there. For me, my responsibility is to make the kick. I never try to put it on anyone else.”

While yes, the rookie made a mistake on that first kick and wrongly adjusted on the second to compensate, no one wants to hear excuses – own the missed kicks and move on Mason.